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Sort order. Aug 06, Jerome rated it really liked it. A very interesting account of the CIA's break-up of the A.

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Khan network. The story deals with the CIA's use of one specific family inside the A. Khan network to bring down the nuclear design and manufacturing equipment purveyor, and their ensuing legal conflict with the Swiss homeland of that family. The overall theme is that the CIA in actuality enabled the proliferation of the technology, falling victim to a systemic attitude problem inherent in the intelligence community.

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Whatever your views on this topic or how much of the information we must take on face value, there is some interesting information here about the geopolitics of the time. For those with some knowledge of nuclear technology, there isn't much new or detail technical information contained in this book but that isn't really the intent of the authors. What little technical discussions they do engage in detracts from the experience, due to oblique and incomplete references. I gave this book 4 stars because of the format and editorial style. EVERY single chapter is simply the name of the country where that particular discussion centers.

The chapters then really loose any usable structure, I simply didn't care. The names all run together and repeat. Then the overall narrative gets lost, I had a hard time understanding what the time stamp was for some sections. The incidents go back and forth, not very readable. And finally the writing was just like a history textbook, here's what happened on this day, then this happened on this day, then this on the next day. Apr 15, Anna rated it liked it. I thought this book was reasonably well written.

My primary criticism comes from the authors' obvious "blame America first" bias. Although the Swiss were at least as much at fault as the Americans for not capturing these nuclear black marketeers, the authors chose to lay the blame squarely on the CIA. How they could arrive at this conclusion, despite all of the evidence that they reveal about the Swiss' failure to capture the suspects for decades, defies intellectual honesty.

Sep 24, Maria rated it liked it Shelves: us-cno-essential-reading-list , overdrive-navy , contemporary , management , non-fiction , politics.

Fallout: The True Story of the CIA's Secret War on Nuclear Trafficking

Khan stole nuclear secrets and then built a nuclear bomb for Pakistan, this book is the story of how the CIA, the Swiss, German, South African, Malayasian and the American governments failed to bring his network to justice on nuclear proliferation charges. Why I finished it: Fascinating story, but the format of this book was a little weird Some orientation was more successful than others.

This title is just more proof that the Neoconservatives reputation for national security is more hype than fact.

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  • Sep 01, Peter added it. A deeply researched and well-sourced book on how the A.

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    I removed the full report from our web site because people seemed to be offended that the worm was created because of the Lockerbie bomber release and the explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. Netdev, that is pure bullshit. It is now known certainly that Stuxnet was created by the zionist entity at their Dimona atomic bomb factory, using a test rig made out of ex-Libyan P-1 centrifuge cascades. Colonel Gadhafi made peace with the West a few years ago and gave up on his WMD project hardware, in exchange for oil and gas exports. By the way, the person imprisoned for Lockerbie and recently released, had nothing to do with the Pan Am Jumbo Jet explosion.

    Lockerbie was Iran's revenge, because in the US Navy shot down an iranian Airbus plane filled with Mecca pilgrims and US president Ronald Reagan stubbornly refused to apologize. Iran then contracted the palestinian "Black September" militant organization to execute the revenge and Lockerbie happened. Eventually it would be very good if Iran or Syria could obtain atomic bombs. That would allow them to negotiate on an equal footing with the pcs A-bomb equipped zionists, equality being a basic requirement for creating a just and lasting peace.

    Egypt made an equal peace treaty with Tel-Aviv in , a few years after the soviets sent a naval ship with 18 nuclear Scud warheads oboard to their ally Egypt, to balance against the threat of zionists A-bombs that was so decisive in This re-setting of balance motivated the zionists to start negotiating sincerely.

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      Previous investigations and warnings to several of Khan's confederates had not stopped them. Even today, most of those connected with Khan's nuclear black market, including Khan himself, are free men, and intelligence officials continue to have different views about when the plug should have been pulled. The authors criticize the agency for seeing the world not as it was but as its case officers and spymasters wanted it to be.

      No doubt justice would be better served if Khan and all of his confederates were locked up in a deep dungeon, but in today's world, the laws governing sensitive technology are inadequate and prosecutions are difficult. Trials can reveal sensitive information and imperil ongoing intelligence operations.

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      National and commercial interests of other countries trump American concerns about proliferation. New villains inevitably will arise. Dangerous know-how and material will again be on offer. Espionage will continue. Old sources must be protected, new ones recruited. Only in movies does the criminal mastermind die in hand-to-hand combat as his evil empire goes up in flames. The real world offers few such victories.

      go here One thing is certain: Collins and Frantz won't lack subject matter for future volumes.