Guide Cottonwood Pass: A Novel of Suspense Set Against a Contemporary Political Backdrop

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Driving Up Cottonwood Pass - Part 1

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Cottonwood Pass: A Novel Of Suspense Set Against A Contemporary Political Backdrop

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Drinking Coffee Elsewhere. LOL Surprise! They represent Hurta Muller who won the Nobel Prize in That appears to have been a very good year for Portobello. Here is the link to her Nobel Prize. The National Business Book Award celebrated its 30th year. The news was announced on April 21st - apologies for being 4 days late. The entire longlist is always worthwhile reading for people interested in business topics in a wide range of interests.

Rubin explores how climate change could influence Canada's oil industry. In the book, Canada's former ambassador to China discusses its diplomatic relations with the country and criticizes Canadian foreign policy for its lack of ambition. William Watson was longlisted for The Inequality Trap: Fighting Capitalism Instead of Poverty , which explores the relationship between public policy, capitalism and poverty in Canada.

It's founded by Jael Richardson and takes place in her hometown of Brampton, Ontario this coming May Finding great publishers through one of their front-listed books is a great way to discover other worthwhile writers of other great books. It doesn't come about by luck or coincidence. It takes as much talent to recognize and shape writers as it does to be one. Talon Books is one of those publishers whose books have made a difference to the face of Can Lit. And we love their story.

Principal Accomplishments We have more than titles in print, which have received well over awards. We have built and continue to keep in print one of the finest and most diverse literary lists in Canada. PEN announced its shortlist for the Literary Awards. There are several categories and each has roughly 5 contenders. We've pulled this feature from the Star Tribune, so if you see a hyperlink it takes you to a Star reviews. Norton , Joel K. Bourne Jr. They have just released their list of awards, which will be presented at the Leipzig Book Fair later this month. Of almost books submitted by 32 countries, 14 winners were selected.

Only one Canadian designer, M. The 28 Canadian books on exhibit, representing Canada as participants in the international competition, were submitted by The Alcuin Society to the Stiftung. The collection has been donated to the German Book and Type Museum in Leipzig, where it will be available for consultation and exhibitions. The winners of this year's Alcuin Society competition will be forwarded to the Stiftung later this Spring. Information about the Stiftung Buchkunst may be found at www. Click the translate flag for language of choice. In addition to the annual Book Design Competition, the Society publishes a journal, Amphora, and organizes lectures, workshops, exhibitions, and field visits on various aspects of the book.

Further information on the Alcuin competition may be obtained from awards alcuinsociety. Coincidence behold. My Vancouver book group just finished reading and discussing Lily King's book, Euforia Harper Collins based on a period in the life of Margaret Mead, the famous anthropologist who studied and reported on the indigenous peoples along the Sepik River in Papua New Guinea. What a spot of luck! My whole group is planning to attend the opening because of our captivation with Euforia , which we highly recommend to those people interested in a primer before they view the exhibit.

Read the review of Euphoria at Salon. Earlier we ran a series of articles about the books in the shop windows of bookstores around the world as spotted on our travels. London, Paris, Toronto, Vienna, Helsinki and more, were featured. As it turns out, my former Stanford Alum roommate opened a bookstore by the name of Papercup in her hometown of Beirut, and she's been getting a lot of very good press recognition!

What are they reading in Beirut, you ask? And so we did. Rania Naufal's philosophy goes like this, " Located on a charming street in the eclectic Mar Mikhael neighborhood of Beirut, you will find our shelves filled with beautiful books on art, architecture, design, photography, and fashion.

We also love our coffee and strive to serve a good one. In other words, think of Papercup as a coffee-infused book therapy. We love Rania's idea of asking visiting authors, celebs and others what books they adore, which she then features on a display. It provides a sort of window into the reading interests of creative minds whose books we already enjoy. As an example here is what she posted on facebook and featured last fall.

Back by popular demand John Vaillant returns to Whistler. Tickets are sold out. Another date is in the works. Email wr at bookbuffet. Don't miss this sublimely haunting docudrama by filmmaker Sasha Snow that is based on the life of Grant Hadwin, the man accused of chopping down a rare and revered year-old giant spruce, a genetic variant, growing in the protected rainforest of Haida Gwaii, BC. The golden coloured spruce was revered by the local First Nations. It was admired and studied by forestry biologists, and it attracted eco-tourists to the destination from the worldwide.

Part myth, part madness this film "chronicles the tormented transformation of Grant Hadwin from expert logger to environmental terrorist, a man who dared to challenge the destruction of the world's last great temperate rainforest. The cinematography of Haida Gwaii is breathtaking. If you have never been there - this is your chance to witness our temperate rainforest and discuss its future. If you have been there, you won't want to miss this event. Copies of his books will be available for sale. Click to view the movie trailer. When I first started using Songza a few years ago [circa ] I felt both elated and relieved!

Elated that someone with brains had designed a music app that cost nothing and provided endless hours of streaming playlists curated to any musical genre or mortal mood, all coordinated around hypothetical tasks at any particular time of day in the week. It was a relief to finally pack up my CD collection, which I had reverted to in frustration after Apple had once too often dumped my music library and carefully organized personal playlists for the zillionth time during yet another forced system upgrade to my iPod or iPhone - sorry Apple, not everyone has a PhD in computer science to manage the workarounds!

Now another technology behemoth has bought Songza along with all their clever ideas and my favorite playlists. What is in store for us? Well on January 31st we. I have had the pleasure of attending the past 4 years and look forward to this event again with fresh anticipation. The four finalists are always of a stunning calibre, and the topics of their books are as varied as they are fascinating. However the erudition of the speakers chosen to introduce each author and their book is what makes this event particularly entertaining.

I am quite sure that these four writers will not receive a better introduction in their careers than what is said about them here. Climate change was on scientists' radar much earlier than when the world got a compelling advocate in Al Gore whose book, film and speaking tour titled, An Inconvenient Truth shocked the world into awareness and action. Read a synopsis in The Guardian to bone-up on how we got there. I urge you to watch this award winning documentary about a movement called Mission Blue that is powerfully alerting the public to the dangerous plight of our oceans through the compelling work of an inspiring and tireless advocate, Dr.

Silvia Searle. Searle's life has been dedicated to studying the oceans - she's probably spent more time underwater than above it. Like Gore, she is changing the way we think about the urgency required to stave off the growth of dead zones underwater and the decimation of fish stocks. She advocates for the creation of Hope Spots where fishing and industry are restricted to allow the ecosystem a desperate chance to recover and, with hope, flourish.

As Dr Searle points out, from the surface the ocean looks. Are you a person who loves books and interacting with people? Whistler Reads is looking for a new Director to lead groups and manage the program. This will involve picking titles, working up discussion points and questions, organizing meetings, leading groups and keeping up with content for our blog and social media platform. Whistler Reads is a community literacy program that has operated for over a decade. As the first public book group, Whistler Reads has brought innovation and creative ideas to stimulate dialogue and discussion around books in Whistler.

We've profiled prize-winning authors and local talent. Our events have ranged from close readings to expert speakers and panel discussions, to political skits to book themed costume parties, to video productions and podcasts. We've partnered with numerous Whistler groups and organizations and festivals to serve this mountain community's related interests and broaden the scope with popular and provocative published titles: Whistler Museum, WORCA and Crankworks - Pecha Kucha, Cornucopia, WPL to name a few. A lot has changed in Whistler over the ensuing decade since our inception in a new public library facility , the active writing community and growing success of the annual Writers Festival, the growth of the Whistler Arts Council and their grasp of the concept to make Whistler a "cultural tourism destination".

Then there is last year's initiative to unite the corridor in coordinated literary events via "One Book One Corridor" , and now a new group, The Dream Makers Literacy Committee whose goal is to incorporate other forms of learning encompassed in the general definition of literacy numeracy, computer and digital literacy for fuller cognitive competency in our community.

Whistler Reads has always maintained that open discussion of books contributes to personal development as well as community development. People new to the community have a place to come and meet other locals. Visitors who attend events contribute their worldly perspective - and enjoy meeting Whistlerites as though in our own living room.

As we come together as a community to read and discuss books, we grow in ways that benefit community connectedness, enrich our relationships, influence our families, and improve our workplaces. We hone our listening and communication skills, improve our vocabulary, foster inclusivism, tolerance, and understanding. Civic engagement improves -- we vote, we volunteer, we flourish.

Studies have even shown reading helps us sleep better and stave off neural decline. For a list of all our previous events and books that encompass this social enterprise, click on the subject titles of our feature article list in this column to see a decade of programming. Submit your resume and a statement of why you think you'd make a great Whistler Reads Director to wr bookbuffet.

It's winter - let's revel in that. Cloutier is a compelling speaker. I've listened to her in the media and on several radio programs. This book will change the way you view the plight of peoples of the North. Sheila is a member of the Inuit Circumpolar Council, the non-governmental body representing the interests of Inuit people living in four Arctic nations.

This led to her becoming a powerful advocate for Inuit rights at United Nations climate-change negotiations that garnered her nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize in But the details of her upbringing and the stark contrast between the experience of living at home in the North compared with living at a lower latitude with a non-indigenous family during her formative years, highlights the importance of cultural identity and traditions. As Naomi Klein writes in the Mar 13th issue of The Globe and Mail : As the title of the book suggests, a major theme of The Right to Be Cold is how climate change poses an existential threat to cultures that are embedded in ice and snow.

If the ice disappears, or if it behaves radically differently, then cultural knowledge that has been passed on from one generation to the next loses its meaning. Young people are deprived of the lived experience on the ice that they need to become knowledge carriers, while the animals around which so many cultural practices revolve disappear. As Watt-Cloutier has been arguing for well over a decade now, that means that the failure of the world to act to reduce its emissions to prevent that outcome constitutes a grave human-rights violation.

Awareness is the forerunner to action, and the time for rhetoric has passed. We each need to become part of the solution to solving our planet's climate change issues.

I've been thinking about the ways in which information technology is enveloping our daily lives beyond our use of smart phones and laptops. The connectivity between individuals and information systems means that you are almost never "off-grid". As we go about our daily lives using our phones to make calls, access the web and use a myriad of apps there is a whack of information going in both directions.

Things like your geo-location, your browsing habits, and the things you share on social media only scratch the surface. Multiple systems have created profiles of you. That's how your bank knows when to question a credit card purchase. Stores purchase your tracked shopping patterns to know which ad coupons to push to your smart phone when you enter their store. Wait, it gets worse. Digital advertising signs on streets, at bus stops, in stores, will change just for you based on your purchasing and browsing patterns [to the ironic instance of the photo at right].

Think about how all the raw data being collected on people around you is simultaneously being correlated and applied to us. Google Maps show commuter route traffic density using the GPS movement of other commuter's cell phones. Smart meters installed on our houses by utility companies are hour-by-hour measuring our energy consumption.

Smart chips in our appliances are communicating with them too. They'll soon know when we wake up and put the coffee machine on and use the microwave, turn up the heat, put our laundry in, which will determine energy fees charged according to a sliding scale of use and demand. Want to lower your Fortis bill? Looking for books for loved ones on your holiday shopping list? Bookbuffet has culled a modest collection from our own past year of reading and also from a close peruse of the above.

We've sprinkled in some gems from the arts, science and business sector. One of these is sure to please most everyone on your holiday gift list. Reading is a wonderful pastime over the holidays. It helps to bridge the passing year and introduce the next with new inspiration to make the world around us, a better place to live. Top of our list is a book of poetry. We are ambushed by words everyday in our texts, emails and web browsing, but not very many of us read poetry with any regularity and that is such a shame.

Poetry makes us appreciate words and the meaning behind beautifully placed words that evoke powerful thoughts and feelings. Poet Laureate, now 87, is known for his unpretentious poems about nature; he selected his favorite work for this collection. Next to poetry comes philosophy. When I started a course in philosophy at Univeristy of Los Angeles, way back when, the professor began his lecture by saying, "In this course I shall endeavor to teach you how to think," period. Translated by John Cullen. Since the good folks at WGBH Boston have been producing award-winning series of programming for television.

Their run-a-way success "Downton Abbey" took the world by storm and is now in its 6th season. Fall kicks off with a dramatic program series set in a subtropical paradise during the twilight era of the British Empire. Indian Summers explores the collision of the ruling class English with their Indian subjects, and the intricate game of power, politics, and passion that ensues. Told from both the English and Indian perspectives, the drama of Indian Summers unfolds as illicit agreements, romance, and revolution abound.

As pressure builds, the two sides alternately clash and merge in a passionate and dangerous game. Jamaican born Marlon James was only 6 years old when his country's iconic singer, Bob Marley, faced an assassination attempt in his home by seven gunmen from the burrough of West Kingston, Jamaica. The fact that the author's mother and father were both police officers at the time leads you to understand Marlon's fascination with the details surrounding the case. His mother went on to become a prominent detective, his father became a lawyer, and Marlon James went on to become the winner of the Man Booker Prize on October 13th with wide audience approval for his page, sprawling character-driven historical fiction.

Listen to this interview with Miami Book Fair host Jeffrey Brown who asks James about his relationship to the story, how it ended up so long, his use of characters and distinct dialects, and the tie-in to the Cold War era involving the CIA as well as the intricacies of criminal justice and political system in Jamaica during the period. MBooker's describes "A Brief History" thus, "On 3 December , just weeks before the general election and two days before Bob Marley was to play the Smile Jamaica concert to ease political tensions, seven men from West Kingston stormed his house with machine guns.

Marley survived and went on to perform at the free concert. But the next day. When I was coming of age the women's movement had already been in full swing for almost two decades. The pill was widely available and abortion could be safely obtained so there was relative control over one's reproductive freedom. I look at my daughter's generation today who feel that a good education and job are a given, and all the typical milestones of marriage and babies are being deferred a decade later than in my generation, or they're not sought after or expected at all.

It's not a shock to simply remain single and devoted to a career, or announce you are LGBT. So to be told that Gloria Steinem, the icon for the women's movement, has just turned 81 sends a small lightening bolt through one's skin. And her interview on NPR radio with broadcast journalist Terry Gross of "Fresh Air" shows us how much more outward thinking within countries around the world, that women's issues, their rights and concerns have become.

Gloria's list starts with domestic violence in North America against women being number one; the most dangerous place is in a woman's own home perpetrated by a man known to her. Then there is FGM female genital mutilation and female infanticide. Child brides risk of death from sex and childbirth under these extreme forms of patriarchy.

And last, the widespread use of violence and rape against women in conflict zones. Women need to stand together around the globe, and that is just what Gloria Steinem has been doing. I've just discovered the most amazing publisher of books entirely devoted to diverse topics on sustainability. I want to order a dozen books immediately!

Meet Chelsea Green Publishing. Founded in in Vermont, it has emerged as the go-to source for people with a serious interest in organic farming and gardening, permaculture, ecology, the environment, simple living, food, sustainable business and economics, green building, and more.

They have over titles in print and digital download. I came upon Chelsea Greens's website when looking to book a local cheesemaker, David Asher for a cheese making workshop. Saltspring, home of the delicious producer of Saltspring goat cheese, is just a short ferry ride from Vancouver. People say the salt sprayed forage browsed by local sheep populations make the meat particularly tastey - we love the soft mild cheese they produce at the creamery with varieties topped in wildflower petals, peppercorns or roasted garlic! What I like about his book and the Chelsea Green style of publishing is that they are totally in sync with today's modern thinking farmers, ecologists, hobbyists and policy makers.

They also rely upon customers for marketing of products through social media and offer new subscribers discounts on books for posting reviews and links on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google Plus networks. A great way to instantly reward customers and spread their philosophy of reaping benefits from our own educations on topics of sustainability. I came upon Chelsea Greens's website when looking to book a local cheesemaker, David Asher of The Blacksheep School of Cheesemaking for a cheese making workshop.

His book The Art of Natural Cheesemaking is published by this Vermont-based business despite David Asher being located on a small island in the gulf on the west coast of British Columbia. In they began to offer literary prizes in the categories of short fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction for, get this, as yet unpublished works. The shortlist of 5 will be unveiled on September 14, same link as above and the winner will be announced on September 21, Out of the 30 on the longlist, here is our pick for the shortlist, and also who we predict will win: A Girl, Waiting , by Marusya Bociurkiw is an author, filmmaker and professor based in Toronto.

She has written five books, including the novel The Children of Mary, and the award-winning Comfort Food for Breakups: The Memoir of a Hungry Girl, which was also shortlisted for the prestigious Lambda and Kobzar awards. Anyone who has ventured out of the city to spend time in the wilderness knows that it takes planning, talent and ingenuity to create an appealing meal and that some of our most vivid and satisfying food experiences are heightened during such travel. Now imagine that your voyage has taken you to the polar region of the planet and your makeshift kitchen must somehow sustain the palates of a consortium of hungry volunteer workers who have joined you from seven nations and four continents for the exclusive purpose of an environmental clean-up project.

The fact that it occurred marks this as a formative example of the positive trend toward eco-conscious travel. In the process we see the region's unique appeal through the principal photography of Sandy Nicholson whose images comprise: ice formations, polar landscapes, rich marine wildlife and members of the team engaged in various activities, along of course with Chef Wendy, centre stage, prepping satisfying ethnically diverse food, served in appealing rustic presentations that reflect the culinary tastes of the volunteer brigade from Russia, Canada, Chile, the Ukraine, People's Republic of China, Brazil and Uruguay.

To paraphrase Carol and Wendy, "Food might not be the first thing you think of when embarking upon Polar travel - but it should be the second. Anyone who has ventured far away from the city to spend time in the wilderness knows that it takes talent and ingenuity to create a meal and that some of our most vivid and satisfying food experiences are heightened during such travel. That is exactly the challenge and the feat accomplished as told in The Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning , the story of Wendy Trusler and Carol Divine's "journey through [an] austral summer" to a small island miles off the Antarctic Peninsula.

Part travel log, part cook book and part homage to historic expeditions of the past, this volume will capture your heart and your stomach as you follow the team from concept to completion in a collaborative effort to return the pristine environment of one of the world's last remaining wilderness destinations. People have long held a fascination for the region and past colonial efforts to explore, claim and exploit the region have resulted in some of our most enduring.

Who can resist a quiz? Bibliophiles will be keen to see how well you do answering this geographical literary quiz posted on Matador , a fantastic travel website. Book titles and author names are provided and the question is not what country the author derives from, rather it asks which country the book title's narrative is set. We've replicated the list with links to purchase each book in case you missed an answer and want to fill in your reading void: 1.

Disgrace by J. While we've owned the property for two decades, we've not had the luxury of circumstance to be there until the last few years. Taking control has put us on a steep learning curve on multiple fronts. The best teacher of course is experience, and we have tried to pick off projects within the scope of our budget and energy, which of course necessitates learning by our mistakes.

I don't feel we began to really take things seriously until we acquired chickens. A garden can be tilled, seeded and left for a few days or even a week with a timed water system. Ditto for a ploughed field depending on the planting and time of year. But animals require that you be there. And being present on a daily basis you learn their rhythms, their needs, their idiosyncrasies and personalities. Chickens were the catalyst to understanding the responsibility of our farm.

My book shelves are lined with titles on topics of interest. And of course many many cook books to deal with all the bounty from the vegetable garden. There is a series on Netflix right now that connects the dots from farmer and field to consumers and their tables. It is called Chef's Table. This is where you become inspired by cooking movements around the world started by chefs who embody a philosophy of eating that is most often traced back to their roots. If you watch this series I challenge you NOT to think about food and its connection to the health of the landscape from which it derived, combined with the skill, technique, history and cultural identity of every hand that touches product from field to table.

Each year much of the book world convenes in London for the annual London Book Fair. LBF is the global marketplace for rights negotiation and the sale and distribution of content. This year was the largest in its 42 year history with over 25, people in attendance from countries. Who are they and what do they do? Visitors include anyone involved with the creation, distribution, sale or treatment of content: book sellers and book buyers, small to large publishers, acquisition editors, book designers, translators, authors, agents, talent scouts, editors and digital authorities.

The first is an epic set in 18th century Ghana and the second is a literary thriller. It seems the most photographed personality was Austrian singer and drag-queen artist Conchita-Wurst, who gained celebrity after winning a Eurovision song contest and recently launched her book in Berlin.

Holding a copy Independent and self-published topical sessions were extremely popular, seeing a rise from previous years. People are also interested in e-book distribution systems and traditional publishers are looking at ways out of the "no" culture they've created with prospects who are flogging to independent methods of pub and distribution.

There's talk on how to adapt to market needs with services that aid prospective writers with better experiences on the road to some form of published product. Amazon remains the behemoth in the room with their self-publishing arm and subscription service. And last, library lending of e-books remains prickly with many authors complaining that the system lacks standardization and is difficult to find.

Africa is also a big place, and there are large differences between Kenya and Nigeria, Somalia and South Africa. These writers' work offers an entry point to discuss timely subjects, such as gender issues in Africa, and the role of the African diaspora, as well as important cultural phenomena including the publishing landscape and variations in important literary genres in different countries. Go to the website for program details and tickets. Come judge for yourselves. I met Chelsea at a book event in Vancouver and was immediately taken by her candour and poise.

Of the three authors on offer that evening, she was the most compelling speaker. Her novel deals with a difficult subject matter; sexual attraction between adults and minors, but she manages to take out the demons offering her own first person experience, effectively transformed into fiction. Her book intelligently asks questions that challenge the status quo on victimization.

We are reaching out to a few local Whistler non profit organizations with an offer to obtain copies of the book for your staff and network, and a few spaces for interested persons. Message me on our Whistler Reads Facebook Page. There are seven categories and we have chosen our favourite for each. See the website for full shortlist: The Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize for the best original work of literary fiction.

No longer in contact with each other, Elena and Mahfouz must separately come to terms with their historical situation, preparing for a future shaped by forces they struggle to understand. Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize awarded to the best work of poetry. Supported by the B. The book must be original and may deal with any aspect of the province people, history, geography, oceanography, etc.

Anyone who has read John Vaillant's books knows that he is a champion for causes. He is also a consummate storyteller who takes facts from his exhaustive research to construct plots with convincing detail and thriller-like tension. Was the missing Grant Hadwin an eco-terrorist who cut down the year-old iconic tree? Was he murdered, drowned or hiding? Was the Amur tiger a man-killer, stalking for revenge? Would the search team tracking the wounded animal's blood in the snow reach the animal before it would have a chance to kill again? So when John announced he was working on his first novel, we all waited with baited breath.

What will it be about? Where will it be set? Would he succeed in contriving characters and conflict evoked from his imagination as well as those in real life? Of course good story telling is based on something equally as powerful as facts. To make great fiction you must construct truth. For in fiction the reader is looking as hard for mistakes in the logic of your writing as the footnoted sources of your nonfiction.

October 15, Volume LXXXII, No 20 by Kirkus Reviews - Issuu

Throw on too much sentimentalism, too much bravado and like a failing movie your audience will not feel safe to suspend the disbelief that carries them to the fateful end. Two boyhood friends, Hector and Ceasar have decided to flee their homeland; one for the promise of a better life, the other to bring promise back to the people left behind. They pay a coyote [slang for a person who smuggles Mexican nationals] to weld them inside the belly of an empty water truck along with a dozen other desperate illegal immigrants. The truck breaks an axle. Mark your calendars!

It's all things Wolf Hall and Hilary Mantel it seems, since the just-aired BBC series has received outstanding critical reviews saying "it's close to perfect television". For those of you lucky enough to be in New York, you can catch the Broadway play of "Wolf Hall", which launches a week later. See www. Viewers in Canada will have to catch the series on TV at the scheduled times in their zone.

Praise for Hilary Mantel's writing is not quiet or discreet. It shouts and drools. Message me on our bookbuffet Twitter feed. Here is the link to purchase. Tickets Here There is a wine reception you'll be welcome to join at the Nita Lake Lodge pm as well. The accolades just keep coming, named BC Business of the Year, and Product of the Year by the Canadian Consumer Industry, Natasha will describe how they've built the company and her experiences taking a brand from local to North America wide.

Not all athletes make that switch successfully. Find out what it takes to channel that athletic drive and commitment into the next stage of life. This is a film completely unlike his previous, but equally deserving of superlative accolades. Shot on a decaying freighter in the coastal waters off Thailand with actors speaking both English and Chinese language with subtitles it is quickly being picked up at Film Festivals around the world. The Secret Sharer is a story about a young ship's officer, British actor, Jack Laskie who is promoted to the rank of captain for the purpose of taking commission of a cargo freighter whose wayward crew has taken control, making it their floating possession.

Orders are to return the vessel to its owner at a port in China. Upon arrival on aboard ship, the young Captain, who speaks perfect Chinese, is faced with complete indifference to his orders by the motley crew. And they are breaking all the rules: women, alcohol, laziness and potted plants everywhere.

Just as. As Whistler Reads turns 10 we reflect on a decade of book events, authors and the evolution of a program for readers that has contributed to the cultural fabric and the history of this mountain community in fun and memorable ways. Enter the contest: What was your favourite book of the decade? We'll vote on your passionate defence - and make that a Whistler Reads pick! Help shape what everyone in Whistler is reading and talking about!

The book was Rockbound by Frank Parker Day - a fascinating look at an unlikely title that won the Canada Reads selection for Coincidentally, I was just giving 4 of these bits of advice to colleagues who I've asked to film a webcast for an event when this timely post came from web guru Guy Kawasaki. It's the most comprehensive, easty-to-follow guide as seen on his AllTop website. But I see the original infograph credit goes to Kate Rinsema of Mixology. In summary: Don't have any distracting light source behind you. DO have natural sunlight as from a window or other flattering light source in front of you bathing your face.

I always think you should also have laptop or camera at eye level or above shooting down instead of lower shooting unflatteringly UP. Weeks following the shocking Hebdo killings in Paris at the hands of radical islamists, our guests were united in the quest to come to terms with the brutality behind the movement that has emerged since the Arab Spring and the protracted civil war in Syria with Western contingents and Middle East countries confusing and shifting alliances.

How does the world stop this radicalization, what are the forces behind it, is there hope for a solution? He followed that career by serving as a senior political scientist at RAND - the California think tank for another decade, and he stands currently as adjunct professor of history at Simon Fraser University. Having lived in the Middle East and other related world posts for two decades his fluency in Arabic, Russian, Turkish and Chinese have together afforded Graham deep insight into As a book maker I value production quality.

The choice of paper, ink, binding, type, layout, images; all of these decisions go into making both pulp editions or a trade art piece. The former is fast disappearing into digital fodder. But people with a regard for artifact have produced the latter with Antigone Poems. Antigone has a rich brown, generously-thick card stock cover with a French fold that is printed with a creamy silhouetted charcoal drawing by Terrance Tasker A line from the poetry inside seems to describe the haunting image of the woman depicted at right: "No words, Only the gaping silent scream.

But an interesting part of the story behind the making of this slender volume lends additional perspective. Reading Antigone , I begin to ponder their relationship. The book is dedicated to TT. Their hormonally gorged vessels pulsing with energy that fuels their respective ouevres. Had he lived, Terrance would have. Here is the line up of events and speakers planned for the first half of Order your digital books online via our links to get a jump-start on reading. Hard or soft cover books will also be available at respective events.

February sees the launch of our exclusive " Salon Series" with talks by fascinating speakers on provocative topics that are hosted in select homes in Vancouver and Whistler. The first is with writer, political analyst and commentator Graham Fuller who is an expert on the Middle East having lived in the region for over two decades during his career as a top analyst for the CIA and later at the nonprofit global policy think thank - RAND Corporation. Space is limited - this is by invitation.

Please contact me if you are interested in the series. Reflecting on the past year's published books, here is what some of the top review sites have to say. When Cheryl Strayed's mother contracts what initially seems like a cold, her condition rapidly devolves into a diagnose of cancer. In a soul-wrenchingly short seven weeks, her year-young life is taken leaving Cheryl and her two siblings behind.

Compelled by profound loss, Cheryl, just 22, sets out to hike the Pacific Crest Trail - all miles - solo. She has never hiked. She has never backpacked. From her home in Portland, OR she catches a plane to Los Angeles, hitches a ride to the desert town of Mohave and sets off on a journey that will transform her life, compel her to write a bestselling book titled Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Cheryl had to live it. Her emotional journey is set to become the public touchstone for transformation over grief. But wait, there is more. Canadian film maker, screenwriter and actor, David Cronenberg has come out with his first novel, Consumed published by Hamish Hamilton,CA. Here he reads for the audience at St. Francis College. His book is described as a radically poetic, necromantic, numinous, homicidally erotic novel. Horror novelist Stephen King says, " Consumed is an eye-opening dazzler. Not for the fainthearted, but for those of us who relish a trip into the shadowy depths, a must-read In this story the difficult topic is cannibalism.

The style of the book is compared to Kafka and Borge. The Boston Globe writes,. While the Ritz was admittedly out of our budget, we were determined to wander around the lobby and stop for a drink in the famous Hemingway Bar. There we met a fascinating man living in Dubai, a former test pilot and military attache who also held advanced science degrees who had been given a mandate and a half billion dollar budget to seduce high-tec and bio-tec companies to the UAE.

Great hotels and bars are like that - magnets for fascinating people, the crossroads to the world.

  1. Books by Whitman?
  2. Marketing Data Science: Modeling Techniques in Predictive Analytics with R and Python (FT Press Analytics).
  3. Cottonwood Pass: A Novel of Suspense Set Against a Contemporary Political Backdrop.
  4. Ronald D. Giles.
  5. This book is about one of the world's great hotels, set during this century's most defining moment in history, WWII, and it features a cast of real characters from this unique perspective. Whistlerites have a special relationship with hotels. As a resort town we Business Insider posted a great article on the realities of personal reputations as viewed through our digital foot print.

    About the Author

    From our LinkedIn profile to our Facebook page to our Instagram posts and our Tweets, all that information is readily available to the public and for the most part it's information we've shared for the purpose of getting our identity and thoughts out there. But what happens when information about you is circulated beyond your control?

    Something that attacks or slanders; is distasteful, un-accurate or perhaps downright mean? Celebs have to deal with leaked nude photos-real and fake. CEO's have to pay the consequences of a public outcry from off-hand comments, Lulu Lemon founder's stepping down as CEO over a remark made about who should wear or not wear his spandex clothing line , all the way down to a bad review about your book posted on Amazon that negatively affects sales. Micheal Simmons writes an intriguing piece in Business Insider on the topic, and I've pulled one segment related to Nassim Taleb for highlight.

    Taleb is the bestselling NYT author of The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable a book that uses his statistician's brain to talk about outlier events - those "rare and unpredictable events" and how to seize an opportunity posed from a good outlier or negate the effect of bad a outlier. I think. Ken Follet's new novel, the third volume in his Century trilogy is titled, Edge of Eternity , which is a bit of a cheesy sounding title but with his reputation and success as a writer and screenwriter, who are we to complain? Though I have only read this last book in the series, it is a compelling stand-alone volume that does not require, but perhaps inspire, you to read the first two books in the series.

    Growing up in the atomic era I can say that ETERNITY brought back vivid memories of my childhood and the fear we all lived under - which is something I have tried to explain to my children. The "duck and cover" bomb drills in school, the television interruptions posting the Indian head test pattern with a loud alarm tone and the announcer's words, "This is a test. Every city and town block had a siren alarm box attached to the telephone poll. Living in the era of nuclear fear kept you awake at night, even as a child you had a pit of anxiety in your stomach and a sense of impending doom.

    Strangelove was an apt cautionary parody of geo-politics of the day. Now I can point my children who are each in varying degrees students of history, to this book as it captures the era pungently. That is the benefit of historical fiction, and why KF made the. Hyperlapse allows you to collapse your own videos using a video stabilization algorithm called Cinema, which is already used on videos posted to Instagram. The effect is mesmerizing.

    For the geeks wanting to know how it works, the technology is explained here. To summarize, the program changes the frames per second up to 12x faster and the aspect ratio to speed things up and to counteract any camera shake. Previously this sort of time-lapse technique took oodles of planning and engineering. Now you have just one button to press and you're video is good to show! Check out these examples and get busy making your own time-lapse videography today. View tutorial below.

    Viewers in Canada are blocked from online viewing - which is such a disappointment. Why can't PBS do something about this? Time for a re-think PBS! Then join the BookBuffet Masterpiece Group for latest books associated with Masterpiece episodes and series. Africa Writes is the the annual literature and book festival in association with The British Library now in its third year. Directions Africa Writes brings together over 50 authors, poets, publishers, critics a selection of book launches, panel discussions, presentations and workshops with activities for adults as well as families with children.

    Program Guide : click to down load. Summer is the time for light wines and heavy reads. It's when women put a chunk of ice and a sprig of mint in our tumblers of Pinot Gris, while men swirl great bowls of frosted Rose to go with their finely barbecued skirt steak. What books go best with these delights? While it's not a heavy read, it comes from a heavy-hitting writer. It's under a pseudo name John Galbraith, and will satisfy your desire for a killer plot that's set in the publishing world involving a novelist Owen Quine, his wife Leonora Quine and an investigator named Strike who she hires to find said missing husband.

    The attack is food friendly, dry and fresh with a slightly austere palate. Flavours are a mix of strawberry, cherry jam, licorice and toasted floral flavours. Always a fresh bet for summer with plenty of citrusy fruit. Try it with veal kebabs. It pairs well with any dessert featuring vanilla, cheese and a hint of sweetness. There are some mighty interesting books on the Royal Society's longlist for Best Science book of Nonfiction readers with a bent for science topics will want to nab a few titles for summer reading pleasure and for great conversation over drinks on the patio with friends and colleagues.

    My top 3 choices out of the dozen books selected by the panel from the titles submitted this year are as follows: Tesla: Inventor of the Electrical Age by W. Publisher's synopsis Nikola Tesla was a major contributor to the electrical revolution that transformed daily life at the turn of the 20th century. His inventions, patents, and theoretical work formed the basis of modern AC electricity, and contributed to the development of radio and television.

    Like his competitor Thomas Edison, Tesla was one of America's first celebrity scientists, enjoying the company of New York high society and dazzling the likes of Mark Twain with his electrical demonstrations. An astute self-promoter and gifted showman, he cultivated a public image of the eccentric genius.. In this groundbreaking book, W. Bernard Carlson demystifies the legendary inventor, placing him. This wonderful video arrived in my latest edition of Electric Literature.

    A creative project by Ilana Simons. Simons studies authors with with a holistic lens. Every aspect is included: their hobbies, life milestones, influences and works. Additionally, I have a soft spot for creative animation in storytelling. She also curates Tin House Reels , a review of short animated films accompanied by the Vimeo clip, as well as reviews of books and poetry with lots fresh names.

    Each summer I retreat from the city to our farm property where there are various projects on the go. A rather large farmhouse garden is always a source of much joy and physical effort: tilling the spring soil; testing for pH, nitrogen and phosphorus; adding amendments like alfalfa mulch and compost, spraying the fruit trees with lime sulphur oil, building the seed rows and laying out the drip hose and sprinkler irrigation. I bring our laying hens along and collect the boarding rooster from a friend who owns a nursery in a part of the city where zoning laws allows his early morning revelry.

    This year I took a two-day intensive course on beekeeping and purchased then assembled two hive kits that we populated with starter nukes. Nukes are boxes containing four hive frames, a mated queen bee, some workers, drones and laid comb with brood. We also embarked on a hops adventure in tangent with the thriving craft beer industry here in BC. I ordered several hundred hop rhizomes and potted them into 2- litre nursery pots in prelude to establishing a hops yard inside our hay field. Hops grow to over 20 feet and the structure to support them is quite an undertaking.

    That said, it is very gratifying to come inside after a day of outdoor physical labour and take a hot bath, change into some loose summer clothes and enjoy a tasty beverage in the twilight of the day. I keep a journal with observations like when the swallows arrive, what we're planting and how it is thriving or suffering, the weather patterns, when the birds fledge and the date the elk pass through on their fall migration.

    Of course reading is a favourite pastime. We at Whistler Reads love technology and innovation. I've detailed instructions on Google Hangout at the bottom - click full article to view them. If you haven't done it before, it's easy to start. I've also posted a group notice on Meet Up to help spread the word about our online session. Just type "Whistler Reads" in the Meet Up search box and our event will appear.

    Use Meet Up to find all sorts of interesting gatherings in the vicinity, by postal code, by radius or by topic of interest for locations worldwide, etc. Our discussion takes place on July 22nd from pm. DO check in and post a message about what you are reading this summer. We'll tally the recommendations and send the list in our next newsletter. With new Anti-SPAM legislation, we've all been bombarded with requests from existing subscription groups to remain opted-in. Ours is on its way. If you do not receive a request, we've likely got an outdated or incorrect email for you, in which case, take this time to re-connect.

    We only send out messages to announce the next book, the location and pertinent event details. In the meantime, enjoy your summer reading adventure! Paula Shackleton. On World Press Freedom Day, May 3rd, we urge you to consider the plight of journalists, bloggers and whistle-blowers around the globe; to follow the chain of information and action inherent in your area; to uphold the standards of your media and your government.

    This includes ensuring free access to information and to the promotion and safeguard of systems in place to disseminate information: traditional press and media, the Internet and social media. The subtle actions by corporations or government to throttle bandwidth, charge unfair fees, restrict licenses and block access to entry of competition are also issues of importance, and any policies that interfere with public access.

    We need to add our voice to the protest in parts of the world where access, voice or rights are being compromised or are banned either politically or systemically. Article 19 deals with expression. It states: Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. Read more here. An informed society who takes action can uphold the rights of others.

    Elegist, advocate, or dispassionate observer? What role should writers play in a world of transient landscapes, and ever-changing languages and cultures? Anthropologist Wade Davis and author John Vaillant consider the ethics of storytelling, reportage and bearing witness in the twenty-first century. Moderated by poet and novelist Karen Connelly. If you live in or around Toronto and want to hear a stimulating discussion, look no further than PEN Canada's spring event "Still Points in a Changing World" I have had the good fortune to host John Vaillant twice in Whistler for Whistler Reads, and he is a compelling speaker whose book topics have led him into the wilds of Eastern Russia and the ancient forests of the Pacific Northwest.

    His GG award-winning non-fiction reads like a gripping novel; part eco-thriller, part psycho-social detective. That single earring and faded denim shirt make women swoon. As for Wade Davis, he is a consummate orator. Margaret had a tough time getting out of her seat!