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Depending on type of mixing we can categorize the procedures accordingly which are as follows:. There are different types of mixtures used for mixing liquid with liquid in the pharmaceutical production units. This process is quite complex and requires additional monitoring. There are different types of mixers used for this purpose namely, Shaker mixers, Propeller mixers, Paddle mixers, Turbine mixers, sonic and ultrasound devices such as Rapisonic homogenizer.

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These equipment are uses for manufacturing antacid suspensions, different emulsions, anti-diarrhoeal mixtures and other such pharmaceutical products. For solid to solid mixing of pharmaceutical products there are different types of equipments in use on a general basis.

Solid Dosage

This includes Agitator mixers, Tumbling mixers, Double cone mixers, and V-blenders and others. These equipments are generally used for mixing of dry solid base powders. These are mainly used for making tablets of various types and sizes. Then there is semi to solid mixing equipment perfectly designed for this specific purpose also. For this purpose there are different types of Agitator mixers that are in use like sigma mixers and planetary mixers. Other than this there is Shear mixer like triple roller mills and colloidal mills as well.

These are basically used for wet granulation procedure while manufacturing tablets and also in the production of ointments as well. Sigma mixture can also be used in case of solid to solid mixing as well.

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Other than the above mixing equipment there are different types of mixtures that are also in use while making up of Pharmaceutical products. These include tumbling mixer.

Pharmag GmbH

This means that all L. Bohle pharma blenders can be used in all conceivable production scenarios in pharmaceutical production and it does not matter whether your company uses round or square containers, because Bohle blenders come with a wide range of pick-up systems.

Why V Blenders Are Trusted in Pharmaceutical Blending Applications

We offer the solution that fits your manufacturing process. The patented blending elements inside the container lid allow Bohle blending systems to achieve the homogeneous mixing of dry powder batches. The blending procedure is scalable for volumes between four to 12, litres.

For highest flexibility, blending containers with different capacities can be used.

The blending operation is a fully closed process. For filling, each container comes with an inner lid. In addition, the blender can also be used as a milling station for the transport from container to container. Peter Pogoda Area Sales Manager.

Mixing Powder 101: Basic Principles of Mixing

The Bohle Service Center enables the presentation and testing from our machines as well as the executions of workshops and tutorials. View all trade fairs. Remember Me.

Blending systems. Blending with the Bohle Pharme Blender PM Thanks to our great flexibility in design and manufacturing, we can offer a highly sophisticated product portfolio.